New Computers & Used Computers

At Computerwyse we understand that technology changes constantly, and there may be a requirement to change or upgrade. Dont worry we are here to help with all your requirements.

Used Computers

If you are in the market for a ‘new’ yet used computer we are here to help offering up to date computers at a reasonable price. With our own 360 health checks you can rest assured that althought you are purchasing a newly refurbished computer it is clean and has all the security features you may expect from a new computer.

Buying  newly refurbished computer can assist with the environment and can ensure that computers dont end up as e-waste, when often there is nothing inherentely wrong with them.


New computers

We offer a range of new computers to suite all budgets and requirements. With this in mind we also offer custom builds that can be created to your requirements or specification.

Our in-house team can assist you with a new computer and offer recommendations of laptops or PC’s to suit your home or business needs.

If you are looking for a PC for specific uses, perhaps a custom machine for gaming or professional use may be of benefit, see below.


Windows, Mac, chromebook?

Here at Computerwyse we can help you pick a laptop that suites your needs, If you are requiring a bit more security and your budget suite it perhaps a Mac may be more beneficial.

If you are looking for a all around quick laptop then we could perhaps recommend a Chromebook to suite your requirements, We offer no obligation assistance with your next computer purchase. 

We hope to assist you with getting the perfect machine to suite you.